First Blog for the Lady Lawyer

Hello this is Christine Barnes you know me as the Lady Lawyer. Lately,I  have been hogging the facebook page of my friend and colleague Lorna Owens. She has not said anything yet but I think it is time to find my own space. Some of you already know  about the major double homicide case I am now involved with. My client’s name is Amanda Barrios and she is accused of having two persons killed execution style.

When we last spoke on  Facebook she had been given a 1 million dollar bond.

I digest the picture below is one of my favorite  writing spots ,a  little garden at my home.My other favorite spot  is sitting look at the boats in the marina


But back to the matter at hand I will need your help if I am every going to solve this case.

Another thing I have decided to tell you is  someone wants me Dead.

Love to hear from you all.

The Lady Lawyer.


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